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Visual Art

Rodell Warner - Visual Art, Photography with Artist Statement (Trinidad and Tobago)

My 'Photobooth' project, which invited patrons of Erotic Art Week to make their own portraits, was intended as an experiment and a question: 'How do we, Trinidadian people, image ourselves as erotic?'. In the case of these photos, and many others, the question was answered by lesbian, gay, and bisexual Trinidadians. One aim of my work is to produce images of Trinidadians, not something too commonly encountered in our daily media, so that by literally seeing ourselves we may better recognise and understand us. In the context of this symposium, I hope these images can help in achieving that objective within the local LGBT discourse.

Ewan Atkinson - Visual Art, Drawings with Artist Statement (Barbados)


Fictional characters are the tools with which I explore the conflict between community and singularity.  With these drawings I began to toy with a 
pair of physically identical characters that I simply refer to as 'the couple'. Despite their identical appearance, they respond differently to the 
situations I create for them, there is both mad rush and hesitation, wonder and indifference. Over time, they have come to represent an internalized conflict that characterizes aspects of my own experience and my reflections on a fragmented Caribbean homosexual community. An internalized 
'homophobia' is constantly in conflict with the struggle to navigate romantic relationships as they move between public and private spaces.
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