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“Complexities of Place” - Activist Roundtable

For the purposes of this collection, the Caribbean IRN Board posed the same questions through email and skype to several activists across the region between December 2011 and May 2012. We envisioned cross-regional yet local perspectives of sexual minority organizing in the Caribbean. We invite you to enter this roundtable of responses with activists from several countries, representing The Bahamas, Guyana, Martinique, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Maria Govan and Kareem Mortimer - Bahamian Filmmakers - Interview with Bahamian writer and scholar Angelique V. Nixon (Audio)

This interview was recorded on 29 January, 2012 using a web conferencing platform. The recording is largely audio, using the video format for convenient hosting. 

Bahamian Filmmakers Maria Govan and Kareem Mortimer have been the first Caribbean filmmakers to include representation of sexual minorities in Caribbean narrative film. In Govan’s film Rain (2008), one of the supporting characters is a lesbian, and while the story is not focused on her sexuality, it does represent and reveal a beautiful relationship her and her partner. In Mortimer’s Children of God (2009), the film centers on two gay men and represents male same-sex desire, while also representing homophobia as perpetuated by religion. And it is the first Caribbean film to do this work explicitly.

Bahamian writer and scholar, as well as co-editor of this collection, Angelique V. Nixon wanted to bring these two important voices together in one interview to discuss their decision to represent sexual minorities in their films.

Steve Laguerre - “LGBT Activism in Haiti through SEROvie” - Interview with Angelique V. Nixon

"I had the great opportunity to speak with Haitian activist Steve Laguerre about his work with the first community-based organization in Haiti – SEROvie – working with sexual minorities since 1999. We met up in Port-Au-Prince while I was there doing grassroots work for another project (Ayiti Resurrect). Steve made time to meet with me (amidst his very busy schedule) to talk about SEROvie and his perspectives on LGBT activism in Haiti before and after the earthquake. Our conversation was robust and lasted for well over the hour we had scheduled. We sat outside in a friend’s yard, and I recorded the interview. Sadly, the audio recording was not a great quality and there was way too much background noise, which has prevented us from publishing the audio. Here is the transcription." - Angelique V. Nixon

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