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Film and Performance Art

Scene from “The Needle” A Documentary by Carmen Oquendo-Villar (Puerto Rico)

The documentary centers on an underground beauty clinic in Puerto Rico, where men and women receive silicone, botox and other treatments, as well as share advice, ideas and support each other. Central to the film are a group of transgender sex workers, many of whom hope to use their work to fund their transitioning surgery.

Lawrence Graham-Brown – “10 Minutes Into The Honeymoon” - Performance Art - Video with Artist Statement (Jamaica / United States)

"Ten Minutes Into The Honeymoon" drawn from my memory of the beating of a Gay man in Kingston, Jamaica WI. As he was being beaten, he called on the Christian Bible for help. And as his violators beat him, they too called on the Christian Bible for his destruction while quoting scriptures. Coupled with the signing of the same sex marriage bill into law by Gov. Cuomo of New York in June 24, 2011, I created "Ten Minutes  Into the Honeymoon" as a liturgy where a union of love triumphs over fear, ostracism, disparagement, hate, et al.

Sekou Charles & Colin Robinson – “Riding Boundaries” - Short Film and Poem (Trinidad and Tobago)

A powerful collaboration between Sekou Charles and Colin Robinson, "Riding Boundaries" represents same-sex desire, youth, and memory. The film and poem work beautifully together, weaving emotions of passion and longing while expressing untold and silenced desire. 

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